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Presentation4M2Ever-changing technology and web use have radically transformed journalist models and practices. Social media, and the opportunities it throws up for professionals and the public, are weighing ever more heavily in all regions of the world.

The Arab revolutions and the transition to democracy embarked on in many countries are now ushering in a new era. Many different players have made an appearance in the production of online news, as well as new uses. Bloggers, citizen journalists and collectives from civil society have joined the ranks of traditional media making a transition to the digital news scene, prompting discussion of the structure and issues shaping this new media.


Published in ABOUT 4M

4M Projet CFIAs a subsidiary of France Télévisions funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, CFI has acted for the past 20 years as the French operator in media development for 150 partners in Africa, the Arab World, the Balkans, Caucasus and Asia.
Its method: harnessing the expert knowledge and savoir-faire of French media professionals to help modernise media partners, via consulting and training initiatives, audits and research.

Media development is an important issue, being an opportunity to fully overhaul the TV scene. CFI leverages assignments providing both technical and strategic support to assist media partners as they gain insights into switchover and gear up for this transition.

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