Internet in Sub-saharan Africa : New networks, new business, new practices

Published in 4M ABIDJAN 2012

Img 4M_AbidjanCanal France International (CFI) is organising the fifth session of its itinerant 4M forums in Abidjan. Held on 29 and 30 November, the event features conferences, debates and workshops on the theme of "Internet in Sub-Saharan Africa, issues and new practices".

Around a hundred professionals from French- and English-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe will be sharing their experience of the web, including experts in telecommunications, journalists, bloggers, analysts and regulators.

The two days will be geared around plenary conferences and workshops.

Topics to be discussed by participants in 4M Abidjan will include:

  • An updated overview of new media in Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • The dual, complementary role of traditional media and new players on the web;
  • Feedback from bloggers and journalists;
  • The place occupied by new media in the public debate.

"The 4M meetings aim to forge actual physical ties between players in the new media who usually only engage in virtual dialogue. With this first-ever meeting in Sub-Saharan Africa, I am sure we will be surprised by the sheer inventivity and drive demonstrated by the new practices in connection with Internet across the continent," explained Etienne Fiatte, Managing Director of CFI.

CFI launched the 4M label in 2011, as a series of events embodying the cooperation operator's ambition to closely observe and support new uses of media arising in southern countries thanks to Internet. Four sessions have already been held with support from local partners: in Montpellier in June 2011 and June 2012, in Tunis in January 2012 and in Belgrade in April 2012.

With 4M, CFI intends to fuel its new media projects with greater ambition and a higher profile.

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