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Ibrahima Lissa FAYE - Senegal
Ibrahima Lissa FAYE has been a blogger and journalist for over eleven years. After 7 years at Sud Quotidien (Sud Communication Group), in November 2008, he launched Senegal's first online newspaper for a regional audience, www.pressafrik.com. Ibrahima Lissa FAYE is now Managing Editor at PressAfrik.

Florian Hervé NGIMBIS ETEGLE - Cameroon
A Cameroonian writer and blogger, Florian Hervé NGIMBIS ETEGLE is part of Mondoblog, a French language blogging platform powered by RFI. Florian Hervé NGIMBIS ETEGLE's blog is called KamerKongossa, chronicles of Cameroon

Omar CISSE - Senegal
Omar CISSE is a computer design engineer. He is one of the founders of 2SI, one of the largest software engineering and mobile solutions companies in West Africa, created in 2001 shortly after his studies. He was manager of 2SI from January 2005 to August 2010. Since September 2010, he has led the first Information and Communication Technology incubator in West Africa (CTIC Dakar), where he lends his experience to entrepreneurs in the ICT sector. It was his role to coordinate all activities that enabled the establishment of the incubator. Omar Cissé is passionate about entrepreneurship and attended an MBA program in 2007.

Rafika BENDERMEL – France
Founder of Tunisie Bondy Blog, Rafika BENDERMEL has been a citizen journalist since 2009, first in the suburbs of Lyon in France, and then in south Tunisia since 2011.

Axel GONTCHO NGILA - Democratic Republic of Congo
Newspaper journalist from 2004-2006, Axel GONTCHO NGILA joined Radio Okapi as a reporter in 2006. He has been Web Editor since 2009 and Web Service Coordinator since 2010.

OumarouMohamed Lamine – Mali
Oumarou Mohamed Lamine is an Agriculture Technician who came to radio in 2004 through his love for the work.Oumarou Mohamed Lamine started at Gao's Radio AADAR as host of a children's program. Stage manager, then full-time technician, Oumarou Mohamed Lamine is now a reporter and journalist-director.

JAMES KATAMBWA - Democratic Republic of Congo
An economics graduate who took a fast-track training course in journalism, James KATAMBWA is now Editor in Chief for the sports department of the TV channel Antenna A in Kinshasa and a Correspondent for Afrik.tv in DRC.

Eloi BELA NDZANA – Cameroon
Filmmaker and journalist by training, Eloi BelaNdzana graduated from Cameroon television school in 1997 before joining the MEDIA MASTER training courses in Italy (98-99). He now works as a correspondent for several agencies, including Afrik.TV. He is also a consultant in Cameroon.

Cyriaque PARE - Burkina Faso
A journalist by training, Cyriaque PARE has worked in both media and communication. After completing a thesis on the media and the internet, he devoted himself to research and teaching. He is the founder of Burkina's main information portal, Lefaso.net

Gratien KITAMBALA - Democratic Republic of Congo
A journalist by training, Gratien KITAMBALA has specialised in ICT for the last ten years. In 2008, he created a monthly newsletter, Mediatic, for the promotion of ICT. He currently coordinates the Mediatic organisation, for the promotion of an information society in the DRC, and produces a TV show entitled The Hits.

Yao Mawuenya David KPELLY – Mali
Yao Mawuenya David KPELLY has taught Marketing and Communication in Mali since 2008. He is theauthor of four books published in France. With two blogs, one on the platform Mondoblog RFI, he writes for newspapers in Togo and Africa, including www.koaci.com.

Verone MANKOU – Congo Brazzaville
An ICT enthusiast, he is the Founder and CEO of VMK, a Congolese startup that chose to build its strategy on mobile technology. In 2011 it presented its first creation: a tablet computer, the Way-C, the first tablet designed by an African.

Gladys MAMIZARA – Madagascar
After a Masters in public law, Gladys MAMIZARA joined RTA in 2002 in the programming department. A lifelong television enthusiast, she has been Head of TV programming since 2005. Her responsibilities widened 6 months ago, to include the design and monitoring of specific programs.

AndritianaFabiani RAKOTONDRASATA – Madagascar
After graduating in project administration and general management, AndritianaFabiani RAKOTONDRASATA has been working in the audiovisual and advertising sector for four years. He is passionate about the world of entertainment, show business and new technologies. Curious, multi-talented, open minded and outgoing by nature, AndritianaFabiani RAKOTONDRASATA is a Radio host & Web Editor at RTA.

 JOLLY KAMUNTU – Democratic Republic of Congo
Lawyer and journalist by training, Jolly KAMUNTU entered the profession in 2000 at the Catholic radio station Maria, then at Radio Maendeleowhich she runs to this day. Chair of the association of women in the media in South Kivu, and blogger since 2008, Jolly KAMUNTU has received several Congolese and international awards.

Olivier SAGNA - Senegal
Director of political studies and cooperation (DEPC) at the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES) for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Senegal (MERS), Olivier Sagna is interested in issues related to developing an information society in Africa. He is also Secretary General of the watchdog ("observatoire") for information systems, networks and information superhighways in Senegal (OSIRIS), which publishes the electronic newsletter Batik.

Cédric KALONJI - France
Journalist and blogger originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he is working on changes to the media in the online era. He also acts as consultant/tutor for online journalism in various African countries.

Marie Laurentine BAYALA – Burkina Faso
Marie Laurentine BAYALA has been a journalist at RTB (Radio Television of Burkina) since 2010. Before that, she worked in a company popularising ICT (Yam-Pukri Association). She was responsible for promoting a video portal website called TV-wagues. It is thanks to this experience that she was assigned to the webcast department at RTB. Marie Laurentine BAYALA is now Assistant Manager of the Web Portal at RTB.

A journalist by training, and a blogger by profession, Israël Yoroba is a young entrepreneur. At 30, he was head of the WebMarketing and Media Solutions agency "E-See" based in Abidjan. Winner of Best Francophone blogger in 2008 and Best Blogger in West Africa in 2009.

A journalist by trade, he is Chairman of the Network of online media professionals in the Ivory Coast (REPPRELCI) since 2006. Manager of an online media enterprise, he runs the publications ACTUROUTES and FRATMAT Mobile. The latter comes under a partnership with the group Fraternité Matin.

Monica MOLLON – Ivory Coast
Monica MOLLON has been Managing Director ofOmedia Côte d'Ivoire since 2009.

Mamadou Alimou SOW – Conakry, Guinea
Communications Officer and General Administration graduate, he is passionate about ICT. He launched his blog "Ma Guinée Plurielle" in October 2010 to promote the RFI Mondoblog competition. He has collaborated with several companies, Jeune Afrique, Slateafrique, Canal and national media.

Lacinan OUATTARA - Ivory Coast
Multimedia journalist for 5 years at Radiotélévision Ivoirienne, he is Head of Content at RTI and a technology enthusiast.

Yah Edith BROU - Ivory Coast
Project manager at People Input CI, she is also Community Manager, blogger and co-founder of the first Ivorian female webzine AyanaWebzine. Yah Edith BROU is a fan of the internet and digital strategy.

Lakika FADIKA - Ivory Coast
Lakika FADIKA is Journalist-Correspondent for APA news, an African press agency.

Bi SehiAntoine MIAN - Ivory Coast
Lecturer at Abidjan's Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), his blog, FORUM IC EDUCATION is a space to share experiences of use and his thoughts on educational issues, especially the integration of ICT.

Jean-Patrik EHOUMAN - Ivory Coast
Founder and Director of AllDenY (development of mobile/web applications - http://www.alldeny.net), he is also the founder and Chairman of Akendewa (ONGtech in Ivory Coast http://www.akendewa.org)

Lucie MORILLON - France
Lucie Morillon is Director of Research and Head of the New Media office at Reporters Without Borders. Reporters Without Borders (or RSF) defends freedom of information, provides legal support and equipment to journalists and bloggers who are under threat, and fights against censorship via the WeFightCensorship.org website.

Sylvie LARRIERE - France
Sylvie Larrière graduated from ESJ Lille, in the journalism and scientific sector. She is now head of the school's international division.

Rosebell KAGUMIRE - Uganda
Rosebell is a Ugandan multimedia journalist with a specialization in the new media, conflict and development.
She has worked with Oxfam media project as Editor and Rights in Crisis Digital Campaigner at Channel16 (Ch16.org) covering humanitarian issues in eastern Africa. Rosebell's blog : http://rosebellkagumire.com/

Joseph KAMBANGA – Tanzania

Communications Specialist in Ghana Nana DarkoaSekyiamah is a Feminist Activist & Communications Professional. She manages the communications portfolio at the African Women's Development Fund, and curates 'Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women' .

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