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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

  > New voices & new avenues    

  8:45 am   RECEPTION

   9:00 - 9:30 am  INTRODUCTORY SPEECH

Eric Soulier, Director for Mediterranee and Asia at CFI
Vukasin Obradovic,President IJAS
Dragana Nikolic Solomon, OSCE – Medias Department
Ivana Miloradović - host 

  9:30 - 11:00 am   ROUND-TABLE 1 | Internet - breathing new life into information ?

Online information has shaken up the world of journalism with its diversity, speed of dissemination and uncontrolled (or nearly) freedom of expression, requiring journalists to adopt new approaches in how they perform their job. For better or worse?

Moderator Slobodan Georgijev

Johan Hufnagel, Editor of Slate.fr
Alexandre Heully, MD of Café Babel
Zdenko Duka, Journalists Association of Croatia
Elvedin Kantardžić, team leader of Al Jazeera website, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Veselin Simonović
, Blic, Serbia

  11:00 - 11:15 am   COFFEE BREAK

  11:15 - 11:30 am   BLIC : Study case

Marko Stjepanovic, Editor-in-Chief of “Blic on line”, Serbia

  11:30 - 13:00 am   ROUND-TABLE 2 | The conquest for economic independence: which models

There is no such thing as editorial independence without economic independence. In addition to the recent economic crisis that has eaten into budgets earmarked for advertising, deeper changes are in motion with the inexorable rise of online media. Can we (should we) pay for information over the web? What other sources of revenue are available to the media? How can the media guarantee transparency in terms of their shareholders and accounts?

In moving from traditional media to the web, advertising rates are collapsing in the face of cut-throat competition in a bid to capture web users' attention. How can publishers reverse the trend against the considerable power wielded by advertising agencies and advertisers who now control several distribution channels?

Moderator : Philippe Couve

François Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief of Mediapart
Catherine Frammery, head of the Le Temps web team (Switzerland)
Nenad Prelog, professor, Croatia
Saša Mirković, president of ANEM, Serbia
Igor Avžner, Agence RP, Serbia

  1:00-2:15 pm   LUNCH

  2:15-3:00 pm   WORKSHOP 1 | New media: what training is available to journalists?

In response to the ever changing face of the information ecosystem and the tools at their disposal, journalists are now looking towards continuing professional development. How can you train when you are working? What basic training courses are open to young journalists?

Moderator: Branko Čečen, Head of CINS (Centre for Investigative Journalism)

Philippe Couve - journalist and trainer
Petrit Saracini - Macedonian Institut for Media, Macedonia
Saša Leković, journalist and trainer, Croatia

  2:15-3:00 pm   WORKSHOP 2 | Social networks are shaking up election campaigns and journalists

In today's world, social networks are increasingly used in election campaigns, especially since they offer a privileged way of reaching out to young citizens who rarely read the traditional media. What role do social networks play in elections? What are the potential abuses? How can journalists carry out their job of informing in this particular environment?

Moderator: Vojislav Stojanović

Benoît Thieulin, Director of Netscouade and in charge of the web component of Ségolène Royal's 2007 election campaign
Zoran Stanojević, RTS, Vreme, Serbia
Krunoslav Vidić
, communications consultant, Croatia
Nebojša Grbačić, editor of the portal www.netokracija.com, Croatia

 3:00-3:15 pm  SHORT BREAK

  3:15-4:45 pm   ROUND-TABLE 3 | Investigation - what are the challenges and limitations?

Against all expectations, the online media have also breathed new life into investigative journalism. Examples include ProPublica in the United States and Médiapart in France. Are journalistic investigations different online? Has Wikileaks offered a completely new approach to investigative journalism? Are online investigative journalists at greater threat than journalists working in other types of media?

Moderator: Saša Mirković

François Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief of Mediapart
Eric Mettout, Editor of L’Express.fr
IlkoCimic, www.index, Croatia
Stevan Dojcinovic, CINS, Serbia
Dino Jahic, CIN, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  5:00 pm                   END OF THE FIRST DAY



Wednesday, April 4, 2012 

  > The new information territories      

  9:00 am   RECEPTION

  9:15 - 10:45 am   ROUND-TABLE 4 | Droit, Law, ethics: new media = new rules of the game?

Not a day goes by without the treatment of online information raising ethical questions about an ecosystem where only certain players feel the need to abide by customary rules of journalistic practice (respect for privacy, verified information, and so on). The different ways in which the web is being used are also raising concerns about copyright issues. Are Hadopi and ACTA an appropriate response to such issues? Do we need a new set of rules?

Moderator: Jugoslav Ćosić

Alain Gerlache, RTBF
Simon Rico, Courrier des Balkans
Dragutin Hedl, journalist, Croatia
Miodrag Rašović
, associate Director, weekly Monitor, Montenegro
Dušan Stojković, lawyer, Serbia
Jelena Surčulija-Milojević, lawyer, Serbia

 10:45 - 11:00 pm  SHORT BREAK

  11:00 - 11:45 am   WORKSHOP 3 | Facebook, Twitter : everyone is talking, but is anyone listening?

Social networks are tools for building communities and chatting, and journalists are making inroads into this new territory. Social networks are being used to collect, verify and disseminate information, providing journalists with a wealth of opportunities as well as risks. What working practices should they adopt when it comes to social networks?

Moderator: Catherine Frammery (Le Temps)

Eric Mettout, L'Express.fr
Angelina Radulović
, Bedno Piskaralo, blogger, Serbia
Dragan Varagić, Serbia
Mila Radulović, coordinator, MANS, Montenegro

  11:00 - 11:45 am   WORKSHOP 4 | Connected TV - the next revolution?

Connected TV or Smart TV is being heralded as the next big media revolution. According to estimates by manufacturers, three quarters of all televisions sold in 2013 will be "connectable". How will TV sets plugged directly into the Internet be different from today's sets? Will such televisions spawn a new range of applications? Are new programmes in the pipeline? Will dual-screen applications (TV + smartphone or TV + tablet PC) become the norm?

Moderator: Radomir Lale Marković

Eric Scherer, Director of Digital Strategy and Intelligence for France Télévisions
Ivana Miloradović
, journalist, RTS, Serbia
Mislav Slade-Šilović, management consultant, Deloitte, Croatia

  11:45 - 12:00 am   COFFEE BREAK

  12:00 - 12:45 pm   WORKSHOP 5 | Journalists vs. citizens: who produces information nowadays?

In the wake of the increasing number of people that can produce and disseminate masses of information to a very wide audience, are the position and role of journalists in today's information ecosystem at stake? Should they redefine the parameters of their mission and filter the growing volume of data streams? Can they turn a blind eye to what is going on in the social networks? Will social networks take over from traditional pub talk as a way of gauging public opinion?

Moderator: Simon Rico, associate Editor, le Courrier des Balkans, France

Ziad Maalouf, Journalist, RFI
Marko Rakar
, blogger, Croatia
Aleksandar Trifunović, www.6yka.ba , Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mirjana Mimica, Mahlat, blogger, Serbia

  12:00 - 12:45 am   WORKSHOP 6 | Public TV and the new media - the necessary synergies

Facebook and Twitter are now part of the journalist's toolkit, giving everyone chance to develop their personal media. How can the media's individual and collective dimensions be combined? Where do mainstream media journalists fit into the flow of globalised conversations? Answers from two public service media.

Moderator: Alain Gerlache, journalist, RTBF

Ljubiša Obradović, Editor-n-Chief of RTS, Serbia
Borislav Vučković, HRT, Croatia
Mile Boca, director of development dcnter of RTV, Serbia

  12:45 - 2:30 pm    LUNCH

  14:30 - 15:15 pm  WORKSHOP 7 | Data-driven journalism and open data: information in figures?

The Internet, digitisation and the development of tools that continually record our every action and interaction have produced colossal amounts of data, representing a goldmine of information for journalists. This trend also concerns local authorities, who are faced with calls to disclose their data in a move towards greater democratic transparency and economic efficiency.

Moderator: Saša Leković

Pierre Romera, data journalism developer, CEO of Journalism++
Rodoljub Šabić, Serbia
Milorad Ivanović
, editor in chief, Novi Magazin, Serbia
Miranda Patrucić - CIN Bosnia and Herzegovina

  2:30 - 4:00 pm   MASTER CLASS | Web documentary with Alexandre Brachet

Alexandre Brachet, founder of the Upian agency, is one of the trailblazers in web documentaries and one of the most active and inventive producers in this particular field. With Upian, he has produced web documentaries that have garnered awards around the world due to the quality of their content and direction.

Examples include Prison Valley (2010), Gaza/Sderot, life in spite of everything (2008), Manipulations (2011), Happy World (2011), La cité des mortes [The City of Dead Women] (2003).

How can you build new formats online? How can you link together narration and writing? What part does journalism play in such productions? And what part does IT development play?

Individual meetings possible, possibility of pitches in the afternoon at the same time as the last round-table discussion.

  3:15 - 3:30 pm    SHORT BREAK

  3:30 - 5:00 pm    ROUND-TABLE 5 | Is Google the new editor for online media?

Do web navigation and special access to information through search engines have an impact on the information produced? Has the availability of detailed statistics measuring the performance of each content changed the face of information online?

Moderator: Dragan Janjić, Nuns

Eric Scherer, France Télévisions
Philippe Laloux, Head of Digital Media at LeSoir.be (Belgium)
Tamara Skrozza, journalist, ethics, Serbia
Zlatko Minić, editor of the portal www.novimagazin.rs, Serbia
Iva Biondić, media expert, Croatia

  5:00 pm                   CONCLUSIONS AND CLOSURE


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