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Published in 4M BELGRADE 2012

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In South-Eastern Europe, as elsewhere, the media provide a unique platform for public debate and deliver an essential service in scrutinising the ways in which power is exercised. In anticipation of the future integration into the European Union, the development of independent, transparent, professional and responsible media is actively driving the democratic processes by encouraging dialogue between civil society, politicians and government.

As such, the new media are providing a soundboard for new voices that enrich, shake up and sometimes challenge the traditional media. In response to these new challenges and in a bid to gain a foothold in a fast-changing environment, information professionals need to create new business models and gear their work practices towards this new abundant yet often disorganised information ecosystem, without losing sight of their commitment to ethical practices.

To discuss and exchange views about the prospects currently offered by the new media in the Balkans, CFI has organized a 4M Forum on 3 and 4 April 2012 in Belgrade (Serbia), entitled "Journalism and new media: new frontiers", which brought together approximately 90 participants at round-table discussions and workshops run by 30 or so professionals from France and South-Eastern Europe.

The forum was organised by CFI in partnership with IJAS (Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia) and the French Embassy in Serbia.

Published in 4M CAIRO 2013

Img 4M Caire 2013How new media are changing journalism and news production in the Middle East ?

The recent wave of revolts and the increasing diffusion of digital technologies are profoundly changing journalistic practices as well as the production of media content in the MENA region.

A new media ecosystem is emerging, in which innovative editorial forms are being experimented. The border between professional and citizen journalists is becoming increasingly blurred. Media actors are exploring new tools for creating revenues while also engaging and interacting with the public in more creative ways.

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