Published in 4M CAIRO 2013

Img 4M Caire 2013How new media are changing journalism and news production in the Middle East ?

The recent wave of revolts and the increasing diffusion of digital technologies are profoundly changing journalistic practices as well as the production of media content in the MENA region.

A new media ecosystem is emerging, in which innovative editorial forms are being experimented. The border between professional and citizen journalists is becoming increasingly blurred. Media actors are exploring new tools for creating revenues while also engaging and interacting with the public in more creative ways.

Published in 4M CAIRO 2013

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February, 20th, 2013


How new media have been integrated in the journalistic routines?
How to collect content from the web and how to check the credibility of the information circulating on the internet? What is data journalism and how to use the large amount of data that new media make available?
Building journalistic stories from the fragmented content of the web through creative and innovative editorial forms?
Creating a more participatory journalism via the availability of amateur sources? How to use mobile communication for production content and to augment the audience outreach?

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  09:30 - 10:00   INTRODUCTION
(Room Opéra 2)

David Hivet, Managing director Mediterranean-Asia, CFI – France
Fathy Abo Hattab, General manager, Al masry Al Youm – Egypt

Published in 4M CAIRO 2013

Lara Ayoub - Digital Media Consultant at Ro'ya TV - Jordan
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Published in 4M CAIRO 2013

Allam Rasha (Egypt)Allam Rasha

Dr. Rasha Allam is an Affiliate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at the American University in Cairo. Allam is a specialist in Media Management with a specific reference on Broadcast Media Regulations. She serves on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Social Studies and the Journal of Telecommunication and Information Technology. Allam's research interests include Egyptian and Arab media systems, Arab Press Laws and Arab Broadcast Media Laws and Regulations.



Abo El Dahab Randa

Abo El Dahab Randa (Egypt)

Randa Abo El Dahab is an independent film-maker and news producer. Graduated in Art faculty (History department), she worked in several human rights organizations in Egypt and Italy. She studied film-making and started as a blogger in 2007. In 2010, she started her first long documentary on women rights.



avata hommeAbou Hatab Fathy (Egypt)

Fathy Abou Hatab is general Manager of Al Masry Al Youm.





Alfakharany AbdullahAlfakharany Abdullah (Egypt)

Abdullah Ahmad al-Fakharany was born in the United Arab Emirates and currently in his 6th year of medical school at Ainshams University. He is a founding member of Rassd News Network (RNN) and its Director of Foreign Affairs. In addition, he founded UFUK, an Egyptian-Turkish dialogue.

Published in 4M CAIRO 2013


As a subsidiary of France Télévisions funded by the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs, CFI has acted for the past 20 years as the French operator in media development aid for 150 partners in Africa, the Arab World, the Balkans, Caucasus and Asia. Its method: harnessing the expert knowledge and savoir-faire of French media professionals to help modernise the media in these countries, via consulting and training initiatives, audits and research.

Find out more on www.cfi.fr



logo almasry alyoumAl-Masry Media Corporation is an independent Egyptian media corporation founded in 2003. It publishes a daily print newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm. It has an Online portal www.almasryalyoum.com, weekly print newspaper Egypt Independent www.egyptindependent.com, weekly Magazine Assyasy www.assyasy.com. AMAY Also has its own information and research centre AMAY Studies and information centre www.asicenter.orgAl-Masry media Corporation board is a host of prominent intellectuals and leading businessmen who share interest in public affairs. The governance structure adopted by Al-Masry separates shareholders from daily and editorial operation thus securing content's independence.

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