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How are online media changing the very foundations of news production and broadcasting in the Arab world?

What impact are they having on the public debate?

At a time when life in the Arab world is becoming more turbulent than ever, the 4M forum in Beirut from 17 to 19 October will analyse the role and place of online media in this complex and highly charged context: how are online media changing the very foundations of news production and broadcasting in the Arab world? What impact are they having on the public debate?

Discover the 20 interviews conducted during the three days.

Friday, 05 September 2014 12:28

Speakers of 4M Jakarta Forum 2014

Published in 4M JAKARTA FORUM 2014


News Assistant Managing Editor | Indonesia

Johanes is at the moment working for www.kompas.com as News Assistant Managing Editor. He has been working for kompas.com as a journalist since 2000. Kompas.com is the online version of Kompas Newspaper, the largest circulating printed media in Indonesia. He is also a lecturer at Bakrie University in Jakarta, for online and multimedia production course and a trainer for online journalism for diverse organizations. His areas of expertise are online and multimedia journalism. He attended a short course about multimedia and online journalism at the International Institute of Journalism in Berlin, Germany. He graduated from Driyarkara School of Philosophy and got his master degree from Paramadina Graduate School, both in Jakarta.



President and Executive Editor of Rappler Indonesia

Maria Ressa is Founder and President and Executive Editor of Rappler: a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. Rappler comes from the root words "rap" (to discuss) + "ripple" (to make waves). Rappler uses social media for crowdsourcing and big data. Maria Ressa areas of expertise are collaboration by new technology and connection by social media. She fights for uncompromised journalism that inspires smart conversations and ignites a thirst for change. She has studied at Princeton University. She spent 20 years with CNN (Jakarta bureau chief and Manila bureau chief) and Senior Vice President of ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs.



Deputy Chief Editor at CNN Indonesia  | Indonesia 

Nezar Patria is a Deputy Chief Editor at CNN Indonesia, and a chairman of international network commission at The Indonesian Press Council. Prior to his current position, he was a chairman of The Alliance of Independent Journalists. Mr Patria has been working on various media platform since 1999. He was an investigative journalist at TEMPO Weekly Magazine, and now he is focusing on online journalism.



Editor and chief executive officer, The Malaysian Insider | Malaysia

K A Jahabar Sadiq K A Abdul Kader is at the moment working for The Malaysian Insider as the editor and chief executive officer. The organization's mission is to provide the unvarnished truth and news that covers issues of the day in Malaysia, mainly in politics and business. The news portal is now owned by Edge Insider Sdn Bhd, a unit of The Edge Media Group. His areas of expertise are digital news for text, pictures and video. And he is also interested in furthering his knowledge in the field of online media. He has previously worked in Reuters as a correspondent and a television producer. He became a journalist in 1988.



Executive Director of the FCEM | Thailand

Chiranuch Premchaiporn was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She graduated in journalism at Thammasat University's Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, after which she took part in HIV/AIDS campaigns for more than a decade before joining Prachatai. She is strongly involved with issues of freedom of expression, internet access etc. In 2011-2012 she was prosecuted and convicted under the Computer Crime Law (CCA). She is currently Executive Director of the Foundation for Community Educational Media (FCEM), under which Prachatai is a project.



Publisher at The Independent | Singapore

Kumaran Pillai is at the moment working for The Independent Singapore as Chief Editor. The organization's mission is to provide fair and balanced reporting in an otherwise state run media environment. The business partners are PN Balji, Leon Perera and Alfred Dodwell and The Independent Singapore is self-funded. His areas of expertise are in new media and online activism. And he is interested in activism in the field of online media. He studied at the University of Queensland and holds a degree in Computer Science and Economics. He used to run his own IT business providing solutions to the banking and financial services industry.



President of Global Bersih | Malaysia

William de Cruz is the inaugural president of Global Bersih (GB), a Geneva-based NGO of volunteers that advocates globally for the electoral-reform demands of Malaysia's Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, Bersih 2.0. He holds a Masters in Journalism. GB's executive and steering committee members communicate mainly by email, phone and teleconference, because Global Bersih lives in 10 cities across six international time zones. Global Bersih is actively lobbying with media, government departments and supportive NGOs in our countries of residence. Global Bersih future vision is building GB as an online digital-resource and coordinating centre for advocates and supporters of electoral reform worldwide. Global Bersih is presently self-funded.


JONne catshoek

Director, Elva Community Engagement | Georgia

Jonne Catshoek is the founder and director of Elva, a mobile phone platform that allows refugees and citizens affected by conflict to track and resolve local needs together with decision makers. He is currently coordinating conflict management projects in the Caucasus, Asia and Africa. Prior to founding Elva, he carried out extensive research and field work for crisis prevention and democracy support organisations, including the Eurasia Foundation (Tbilisi), the European Partnership for Democracy (Tbilisi) and the International Crisis Group (Dakar). He hold a Master's degree in International Relations from King's College London, specializing in Conflict Prevention and Diplomacy.



Chief Editor, RFI | Cambodia 

Bona Pen is at the moment working for RFI (Radio France Internationale) in Khmer as Chief Editor. The organization's missions are providing the Independent and professionalism information to Cambodian people. The main business partner and source of funding is the French government. His areas of expertise are political and social issues. He writes articles and analyzes various important issues. He is also interested in Radio broadcasting and online media. He had studied at Department of French language of Royal University of Phnom Penh and had continued studying at the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille in France. He used to work at Cambodge Soir and Cambodge Soir Hebdo (French language Newspaper).



News Manager for PortalKBR.com | Indonesia

 Citra Prastuti at the moment working for PortalKBR.com as News Manager. PortalKBR is the online platform of KBR - Indonesia's first and largest radio news agency with 600 radio stations under its network. The organization's mission is to become an independent news source, with strong focus on tolerance and environmental issues. The business partners and source of funding are donors and also other clients. Her areas of expertise are radio & online journalism and blogging. She is interested in local media in global platform and also crowd-funding in the field of online media. She had studied at University of Indonesia and SOAS University of London and hold a degree in MA in media studies.



Singapore Bureau Chief for AFP | Singapore

Roberto Z. Coloma is currently working as Singapore Bureau Chief for the Agence France-Presse (AFP). He is also working as Deputy Sales and Marketing Director for Asia-Pacific and is a correspondent for Southeast Asia. His interests are numerous in the journalism field and he has an intensive knowledge on Southeast Asia. He holds two BA degrees: in History from the University of Sydney and in Journalism from the University of the Philippines. Before being AFP Bureau Chief in Singapore he worked amongst other postings as an editor for AFP in Manila at the Asia Pacific desk and at the bureau in Hong Kong, as a Reporter for the Kyodo news agency in Manila and as Deputy bureau Chief for AFP Manila. He was also President of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP).



Head of Social Media and Mobile at the ABS-CBN | Philippine 

Arlene Burgos is the Head of Social Media and Mobile at the ABS-CBN Corporation's News Division, and a lecturer at the Ateneo de Manila University. She was reporter for Philippine-based newspapers, and later editor. She also worked for the Japan-based wire agency Kyodo News. She hold a Master of Arts in Journalism from the Ateneo de Manila University through a full fellowship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. She was ABS-CBN lead for its citizen journalism project from 2009 to 2010, after which she helped put up special sites and build digital communities, mainly through social media. These communities are currently among the biggest in the Philippines.



General Director of La Netscouade | France

Benoît Thieulin is General Director of La Netscouade in France and the President of the French Digital Council CNNum. Benoît Thieulin is a personality in the digital world and a French entrepreneur. He founded and is the director of the agency La Netscouade and is presiding the French Digital Council since January 2013.



Advertising executive at Havas and Publicis | France

After 10 years in advertising, Pierre joined the Lagardere Group in 1994 where he was in charge of digital development ( internet and TV) and local media. Pierre is the former CEO of TLT a local television in Toulouse ( 2002, 2005) and co-founder and general manager of LCM a local television in Marseille ( 2005,2008). He left the Lagardère Group in 2009, and launched his own company Raj Médias, a local and digital news publisher, based in Marseille in the south of France. Raj Medias edited Marsactu in january 2010, the first local news pure player in France, and Marséco a digital weekly newsletter specialized in local business news in june 2014.



Editor for BaleBengong.net | Indonesia

Anton Muhajir is an editor of a Bali based citizen journalism BaleBengong.net, a blogger, and a freelance journalist. This nonprofit portal has been running since 2007 with about 200 contributors with different background such as student, activist, government staff, programmer, housewife, etc. The main missions of the portal are empowering citizen and providing space for them to involve in journalism product, citizen journalism. Not just giving space to citizen, Sloka Institute and Bali Blogger Community as host of the portal also run regular citizen journalism class for citizen since 2010. His areas of expertise are managing citizen journalists such as writing, editing, social media, and training.



Station manager and editor | Timor-Leste 

Eurico Pereira is working with community Radio Rakambia as a station manager and editor, operational management system and public relation. He hold a Bachelor degree at East Timor National University Graduated on 2003, the title of thesis is fertilize organic dose and kind influence the grown side and rice organic plat result.



President of AJTL | Timor Leste  

Tito de Jesus Filipe da Costa is at the moment working for Timor Leste's Journalists Association - AJTL as a president and at the same time working for Radio and Television of Timor-Leste as deputy Director of information and actualities of RTTL. EP
Asosiasaun Jornalista Timor Lorosa'e (AJTL) or the Timor Leste Journalists Association (TLJA)'s missions are:
-To develop and fight for press freedom,
-To improve and strengthen the professional standards of journalism.
-To defend and fight for dignity and the welfare of journalists and press workers.
The AJTL has been working closely with Southeast Asia press alliance and International Federation of Journalists-IFJ in the area of advocacy, journalism training and media.



Director of TLMDC - Radio Liberdade | Timor Leste 

Francisco Da Silva is currently director of TLMDC/ radio Liberdade. He graduated from Timor Lorosa'e National University (UNTL) at the Education Faculty majoring in English. He also holds a Master degree majoring in Human Resources Management from the University of Gajayana Malang (UNIGA) Indonesia. He attended non formal courses such as: Journalists TOT training in Anti Polo City in Philippine, USAID Rules and Regulation training in Thailand, Diplomacy in Thammasat University in Thailand, Mediation and Negotiation Skills Training in Australia, International Relations and Contemporary Problems in the Government. He used to work as local staff for the UN mission. Francisco became Founder and Director of the Timor-Leste Media Development Centre (TLMDC). He has more than eight years of experience organizing training initiatives and managing activities for both the TLMDC and at the USAID-funded media development program implemented by Internews. During his three years with Internews, Francisco performed media training needs-analysis for Timor-Leste journalists, monitored local media products, and assisted with skills-training for community radio stations.



Station manager at Radio Comunidade Lorico Lian | Timor Leste  

Prezado De Meneses is at the moment working as a station manager at a small radio station in Dili named Radio Comunidade Lorico Lian. The organization missions are firstly to provide an opportunity for the community to articulate their aspirations. Radio Comunidade Lorico Lian work together with different elements of Timorese society including the government and civil society to assist the community in identifying and attaining their goals. Secondly, to increase access to information and knowledge, as an independent and nonprofit media, the Radio broadcast fair and balanced news to strengthen the ability of the community to be active in determining every aspect of their lives. Thirdly, it aims to provide programming for and by the community.



 Journalist for Wartani | Thailand

 Mahamsabree Jehloh is at the moment working for Wartani as a journalist, an editor, a technician, a film maker and a coordinator. The organization's mission is to be an alternative media for the Southern part of Thailand. The main business partners and sources of funding are coming from the Asia Foundation. His areas of expertise are Patani or Southern Thailand. And he is interesedt in Multimedia in the field of online media. He studied at Ramkhamhaeng University.



Journalist for Myitmakha News Agency  | Myanmar 

May Thingyan Hein has been writing news article since 1993. Currently, she is working for Myitmakha News Agency under Shwe Myitmakha Co. Ltd that she founded in 2008 and which has been officially registered as a news agency since 2011. The Agency is an independent news agency and also has website news. In2 004, the military government banned her to write under her own name or using other pen-names. Yet she used many other pen-names to be able to keep working as a journalist. In 2007, she received the Knight Award from the International Center for Journalist, based in Washington.



Editor in Chief of Jubit | West Papua

Victor Mambor is Editor in Chief of the Jayapura-based newspaper and website Tabloid Jubi, Chairperson of West Papua's Alliance of Independent Journalists. Since 1996 he worked as a reporter at the Pikiran Rakyat Daily, Bandung, for desk of Arts and Culture. Victor Mambor is a prominent advocate for freedom of the press and open access for international journalists and UN monitors to Papua. His outspokenness is courageous given that journalism is a risky profession in West Papua. He also supports grassroots journalism and devotes his skills and experience to the training of NGO activists in media and communication skills.



International journalist | Indonesia

Harry Surjadi has been working as a freelance journalist for 15 years. From 2007-2008 and 2011-2012, Surjadi was a Knight International Journalism Fellow in Indonesia. A partner with RuaiTV, he developed a mobile phone citizen journalism model for indigenous people community members to empower them to fight for their rights on forests and lands in West Kalimantan. He has trained 200 community members in West Kalimantan and another 250 people in Central Kalimantan. In 2013, he received the Communication for Social Change Award from the Centre for Communication and Social Change, University of Queensland for his work in West Kalimantan.



Director for Mobile for the Inquirer Group  Philippines

Javier Vicente Rufino is at the moment working for the Inquirer Group as Director for Mobile. The organization's mission is to tell the Filipino story worldwide. The sources of funding are from multiplatform advertising, subscription sales, events and services. His areas of expertise are digital and mobile content creation and management. And he's interested in mobile journalism, business development and revenue models in the field of online media. He had studied at the Ateneo de Manila University and hold a degree in Management Information Systems. He used to work at Global Source as Special Projects Officer for Interactive Media..



Web journalist, The Observers, France 24 | France

Web Journalist and TV presenter in both Arabic and French, I worked from July 2010 to July 2014 with France 24 'Observers' team. I worked with bloggers from "Arab spring" countries like in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya (ex : the "Libyablog" project with RFI). I'm moving to Kuala Lumpur this September to start a new career as a freelance journalist..



 Executive Director of SEAPA | Thailand 

AGayathry Venkiteswaran is working as the Executive Director of the Bangkok-based Southeast Asian Press Alliance, a network comprising groups that advocate for media freedom and freedom of expression in the region. SEAPA focuses on media safety and freedom; journalism development; enabling legal environment for the media and sustainability of media NGOs as its core work. Prior to taking this position, she was the head of the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) in Malaysia, where she headed a project to raise awareness on the rights to privacy and access to information in Malaysia. She has worked as a journalist, taught journalism in several institutes in Malaysia.



Head of Advisory Body of Legal Aid Centre for The Press | United Kingdom 

Megi studied Cyber Law at the University of Leeds, UK and is now Head of Advisory Body of Legal Aid Centre for The Press and member of Legal Working Group of the Press Council. His expertise areas as well as his research fields are the internet and media law.



Co-Founder of The Online Citizen | Singapore

Zheng Xi co-Founded popular Singaporean socio-political news website The Online Citizen ("TOC") in 2006. TOC attracts more than 30,000 unique viewers a day, and has played a crucial role in shaping political discourse in Singapore. Zheng Xi is a lawyer in private practice specializing in criminal defense and free speech litigation and has acted in some of Singapore's leading human rights cases. Zheng Xi is active in free speech and media advocacy, and was a founding member of the #FreeMyInternet campaign in 2013 against restrictions on internet freedom in Singapore. Zheng Xi has a Bachelors of Law from National University of Singapore and an LLM in International Human Rights Law from NYU.



President of Asean Blogger Community | Indonesia

Iman Brotoseno is, since 2011, working for the ASEAN BLOGGER COMMUNITY as President / Founder. The organization's mission is to create collaboration between the ASEAN community of bloggers. His areas of expertise are social media and film directing. He is also working as a social media consultant for companies or organizations. He was Chairman of Pesta Blogger Indonesia – the largest bloggers gathering event in the country. He participated in 2012 at the Stockholm Internet Forum and in 2013 at the International Leadership Visitor Program in USA – Topic: ASEAN – Connecting new media.



Blogger for Tonycruz.com  | Philippines

Anthony Ian Cruz is at the moment working for tonyocruz.com as a blogger. It is a blog about politics, technology and current events. He is also an Op-Ed columnist for Manila Bulletin, a national English-language newspaper. His areas of expertise are advocacy, social media, citizen journalism, internet freedom and others. And he is also interested in public policy, human rights, and community-building in the field of online media. He studied sociology at the University of the Philippines at Los Banos. He used to work : as press officer for Rep. Satur Ocampo, as reporter for English-language newspaper Malaya (Free), as digital OIC for ad agency TBWA\SMP, and as chief social media strategist for digital agency Movent.



HR and Legal Manager for Malaysiakini.com | Malaysia

After studying in University Malaya, Shamini spent a dozen years in human resources, corporate secretary work and handling legal matters. She currently serves as the Group HR and Legal Manager for the organization Malaysiakini.com (a Malaysian news website published in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil). Unlike most news sources in Malaysia, Malaysiakini remains free from government regulation has gained both praise and notoriety by regularly covering subjects and viewpoints deemed taboo by the mainstream broadcast and print media.



SVP New Media Business and Development at NBC | Thailand

Chutintra Watanakul is at the moment working for NATION BROADCASTING CORPORATION PLC. as SVP New Media Development and Business. The organization's missions are the Multimedia Group that reaches every household to inform, educate, entertain and inspire in the most trustworthy, timely and creative manner . Her areas of expertise are new media to bring the advantage readiness in content expand to new products and services such as website, mobile device. And she is now interest in Multi screen and second screen in the field of online media. She had studied at Chulalungkorn University and hold a degree in master degree. She used to work at Pacific Communication as webmaster and system administrative for 5 years.



Chairman of AJI Persiapan Kota Purwokerto | Indonesia

Aris Andrianto is the Chairman of AJI Persiapan Kota Purwokerto. He works as a correspondent for Tempo and reporter photo for AFP. He is interest in building network, especially for journalists. He holds a citizen journalism training programme for rural youth in the studio of Pena Villagetertarik membangun jaringan kerja jurnalistik khususnya untuk jurnalis warga. The center aims to develop journalist and journalism ethics in rural areas.



Media consultant  | Cambodia

Kounila Keo graduated in Media & Communication at Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2010. She is now working as a media consultant. She has been freelancing for various foreign media publications since 2008. When she is not writing news reports, she blogs about social issues and everything Cambodian at www.blueladyblog.com. She has been blogging since 2007 and has conducted workshops on blogging and social media for university students, artists and professionals. She has helped found Kon Khmer Koun Khmer/ Khmer Generations Khmer Films (khmerfilm.org), was one of the main organizers of BlogFest Asia 2012, FilmCampKH, and involved in other events.

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How is online journalism changing the way the general audience is interacting with information makers?

Development and deployment of the Internet in Asia, coupled with a strong economic growth and important political reforms are changing the way people in South-East Asia are communicating and interacting. With an important and fast-growing penetration rate for the Internet and smartphones and half of the world social network users in Asia, access to information is rapidly changing in South-East Asia.

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