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A year on from the fall of Ben Ali, CFI, the Tunisianassociation for digital freedom (ATLN), themultimedia and audiovisualassociation (AMAVI) and Tunisia Live are organising a 4M Forum on how the role of citizen journalists is shaping upin Tunisia. The aim isto foster the sharing of experience and innovations to support the development of new Tunisian media. Some 150 participants from Tunisia and France are expected to attend this event.

The programme is geared around four large-scale plenary sessions :
  • The transformation from journalism under the dictatorshipto citizen journalismin Tunisia
  • Tunisian bloggers, cyber activists, hackers come out into the open
  • A new Tunisia, new media, new models
  • Media andOpenData

Plenary contributions will alternate with a series of conferences and hands-on workshops focussing on actual experiences.

Many renowned contributorswill come to share their experience: 

  • Pierre Haski, President and co-founder of Rue 89
  • Fabrice Epelboin, French entrepreneur specialising in social media and web
  • Francis Pisani, French blogger - journalist (pisani.blog.lemonde.fr)
  • Ziad Maalouf, journalist at RFI "The Media Workshop


Published in 4M TUNIS 2012

 The programme is geared aroundfour large-scale plenary sessions :

  1. The transformation from journalism under the dictatorshipto citizen journalismin Tunisia

  2. Tunisian bloggers, cyber activists, hackers come out into the open

  3. A new Tunisia, new media, new models

  4. Médias et OpenData 


  Thursday 12 January 2012

  Plenary session hall     

  8h30 am   WELCOME

   9h15 - 9h30   INTRODUCTION

Heykel Djerbi, Co-founder of Fhimt.com
Ramla Jaber, Co-founder of TunisiaLive
Eric Soulier, Director, Department for the Mediterranean Region and Asia, CFI
Chiraz Latiri, Lecturer, University of Manouba (Tunis)

Published in 4M TUNIS 2012



Abid Samih

Abid Samih


Samih Abid is a lawyer in Business Law and Law of Immaterial Goods, University teacher and member of OpenGovTN.







Ayadi Nadia

Ayadi NadiaTunisie 

Nadia Ayadi graduated as an engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie and keeps a blog. She describes herself as a film buff and bookworm whose vocation is to speak out.

She is a member of the association "Les Cahiers de la Liberté".





Ben Chaabane Tarek

Ben Chaabane TarekTunisie 

Tarek Ben Chaabane teaches screenplay writing at the Institut Supérieur des Arts Multi Médias (ISAMM).

He has worked as cultural editor for several Tunisian newspapers and magazines.

He was on the Ateliers Sud Ecriture team and as well as the JCC (Workshop, Conference, Press).

He has collaborated with many film-makers such as Ridha Béhi, Moufida Tlatli, Nawfel Saheb Etabaa, Mohamed Damak, Mourad Ben Cheikh and Mohamed Ali Okbi as co-screenplay writer or screenplay consultant.

He acted as a consultant for the screenplays of the two Dix courts, Dix regards collections (2006 and 2008).


Ben Driss Khaled

Ben Driss KhaledTunisie 

Khaled Ben Driss is Director of the Software Engineering Business Unit of the Tunisian SSII Oxia. He graduated as an engineer from the Ecole centrale de Lyon (in 1991) and has a Ph.D in electrical engineering and IT modelling from the University of Paris VI.

He is a member of the group OpenGovTN to promote transparency, OpenGov and OpenData in Tunisia.




Ben Hamadi Sarah

Ben Hamadi SarahTunisie 

Sarah Ben Hamadi is Communications Officer at the publishing firm Cérès. Since 2008 she has kept the blog Un Oeil sur la Planète, contributed to the collective blog Nawaat.org and collaborated with Arte on the project The Arab world in Revolution(s) via the blog on Tunisia, Regards croisés.

She is a member of the association Cahiers de la Liberté which acts as a political watchdog and raises democratic awareness.




Ben Messaoud Marwen

Ben Messaoud MarwenTunisie 

Marwen Ben Messaoud heads Community Strategy at Tunisiana, a major Telecom operator in Tunisia. His experience in both eCommerce and eMarketing prompted his specialising in community management for one of the biggest advertisers in Tunisia.





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