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Schedule of 4M Montpellier 2011

The 1st 4M annual meetings programme was based on four big plenaries:

  1. Digital revolution: what stakes for tomorrow?

  2. Building its economic model: good methods & bad surprises

  3. To recruit, form and manage on the web: an organisation in mutation

  4. Will democracy come through the web ?

  5. -> To download the programme of the Montpellier conference 17th and 18th June 2011 in pdf

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    Friday 17th June

    9:00am WELCOME


    9:15-9:30am INTRODUCTION

    Etienne Fiatte, General Manager CFI
    Pierre Haski, CEO Rue89
    Soizic Bouju, Manager ESJ Pro Group
    Yann Bisiou, Vice-Chairman of the Board, University Paul Valéry, Montpellier 3

    Monday, 18 February 2013 22:41

    Schedule of 4M Tunis Forum 2012

    Published in 4M TUNIS 2012

     The programme is geared aroundfour large-scale plenary sessions :

    1. The transformation from journalism under the dictatorshipto citizen journalismin Tunisia

    2. Tunisian bloggers, cyber activists, hackers come out into the open

    3. A new Tunisia, new media, new models

    4. Médias et OpenData 


      Thursday 12 January 2012

      Plenary session hall     

      8h30 am   WELCOME

       9h15 - 9h30   INTRODUCTION

    Heykel Djerbi, Co-founder of Fhimt.com
    Ramla Jaber, Co-founder of TunisiaLive
    Eric Soulier, Director, Department for the Mediterranean Region and Asia, CFI
    Chiraz Latiri, Lecturer, University of Manouba (Tunis)

    Thursday, 14 February 2013 05:52

    Programme du colloque 4M Tunis 2012

    Published in FORUM 4M | TUNIS 2012

    Le programme du colloque s’articulera autour de quatre grandes sessions plénières :

    1. Evolution des médias tunisiens, du journalisme de dictature au journalisme citoyen

    2. Bloggeurs, cyber activistes, hackers tunisiens : la fin des secrets

    3. Nouvelle Tunisie, nouveaux médias, nouveaux modèles

    4. Médias et OpenData 


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