cfi-4m2012In June 2011, CFI organized, at the University of Paul Valéry of Montpellier in association with ESJ Lille and RUE 89, the first 4M annual meetings and for this occasion, has brought together the main Mediterranean new media agents: bloggers and journalists coming from the written press, audiovisual and web.

This year, the second edition of the 4M annual Meetings will take place on 21st and 22nd June and will bring together again more than 100 professionals, participants and speakers who have come from France, countries around the Mediterranean (notably from Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon or Libya...) and from the rest of the world.

The annual meetings will center around workshops and plenary sessions on the theme:«E-politics: after the Revolutions, the elections».


Thusday 21 June 2012 

  8:30- 9:00   Meet & Greet

    9:00 - 9:30   Words of welcome/introduction


Etienne Fiatte, Managing Director of CFI 
Pierre haski, President of Rue89
Benoit Califano, Director of ESJ Pro Montpellier
Anne Fraisse, Chair of Board of University of Montpellier 3
Bruno Bonu, Director of Praxiling UMR CNRS 5267 UM3


Abbas Wael

Abbas Wael



Wael Abbas is an internationally renowned Egyptian journalist, blogger, and human rights activist.




Abid Samih

Abid Samih



Samih Abid is a lawyer in Business Law and Law of Immaterial Goods, University teacher and member of OpenGovTN.





Arnaud Richard

Arnaud RichardFrance 
Arnaud Richard is a Lecturer in Language Sciences at the CNRS - University of Montpellier III (Praxiling UMR 5267). He is specialising in media identity discourse (in politics and sport) and joint Manager of the OPME (observatory of new media practices)




Asse Vanessa

Asse VanessaFrance 

Vanessa Asse is a web journalist and community manager, trainer in web journalism and social networks at the ESJ
Montpellier, editorial manager for Francesoir.fr.




Bernard Paul-Alexis

Bernard Paul-AlexisFrance 
Paul-Alexis Bernard is a consultant educational multimedia manager at ESJ Pro (ESJ Lille). Journalist, consultant, trainer, instigator of web & print editorial projects, he acts as watchdog over the future of the media in general, and local news in particular. His specialities are: management of web and print editorial projects, mixed media journalism / training, leading communities.







As a subsidiary of France Télévisions funded by the French Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs, CFI has acted for the past 20 years as the French operator in media development aid for 150 partners in Africa, the Arab World, the Balkans, Caucasus and Asia. Its method: harnessing the expert knowledge and savoir-faire of French media professionals to help modernise the media in these countries, via consulting and training initiatives, audits and research.

Find out more on www.cfi.fr



Created in1924, the École supérieure de journalisme de Lille (ESJ) is one of the first professional schools for journalism training in Europe.

Find out more onwww.esj-pro.fr

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