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How has digital development transformed the news? Has there been an improvement in news quality? These are recurring questions, which are taking on new aspects in 2013, as the transition to digital media accelerates throughout the world.

The 2013 4m meetings open up the debate with 150 experts from 35 countries in asia, africa, caucasus, the balkans and the arab world. Journalists, bloggers and media entrepreneurs will all be converging on montpellier from 12 to 14 june 2013 to gain more insight into media issues in the digital era.

In 13 video and click relive the main workshops and interventions that have marked the third annual 4M Montpellier 2013, from June 12 to 14.

Is Internet a credible media?

After 20 years, in the Internet reaching adulthood as an information provider? After going through all kinds of excesses in the 2000s, the web is now offering a landscape of information wich is often more comprehensive than other media: why? Does this only apply to crisis situations? Or does it depend on the specific qualities of this medium? However, the surveyes are unanimous: people increasingly turn to the Internet to acquire information...

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