Ali Amar


Cofounder & Publishing Director, Le Desk - Pulse Media, Morocco

Ali Amar is a Moroccan writer and journalist. In 1997, he co-founded the weekly Le Journal hebdomadaire, the first independent newspaper in Morooco. He is author of the bestseller Mohammed VI, le grand malentendu (Mohammed VI, the big misunderstanding), released in 2009 and censored in Morocco. It reveals the reality of the first ten years of the reign of the Moroccan king. Ali Amar is currently the co-founder and Editor-In-chief of Le Desk, a new investigative website launched in November 2015. Like Mediapart, he has chosen a paying model.

Arfi Bambani


Secretary general, Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI),

Arfi Bambani Amri works for the Alliance of Independent Journalists of Indonésia (AJI) as the Secretary-General. The organization’s mission are defending pressfreedom, protecting the rights of journalists and promoting the ethical journalism. The business partners and sources of funding are FNV (Netherlands), Democracy and Peace (Canada) and Open Society Foundation. His areas of expertise are online journalism, press advocacy and press freedom matters. He is interested in journalism development in the field of online media. He studied at Gadjah Mada
University in Yogyakarta and holds a degree in law. He used to work at detik.com and viva.co.id as a journalist.

Lina Attalah


Cofounder & Editor-in-Chief, Mada Masr, Egypt

LLina Attalah is the co-founder and chief editor of Mada Masr, a news website based in Cairo, in English and in Arabic. She has worked as a journalist for over a decade, mostly covering Egypt and the Middle East. She covered the beginnings of the Syrian revolution in 2011, the Darfur conflict in 2005, the Iranian presidential elections in 2013 and of course, the Egyptian revolution. Before Mada Masr, she was the editor of a website and newsprint called Egypt Independent..

Karen Bastien


Cofounder & datajournalist, Wedodata, France

Karen Bastien is currently a data-journalist at Wedodata. After graduating from the Centre for Journalism Studies in Paris in 2000, she spent a dozen years working for the written press: first for the newspaper Libération and then for the magazine and online newspaper Terra eco. Four years ago, she set up a design studio for “data-telling” - storytelling based on data. Working with designers and developers, she devises data-journalism web applications for French media outlets.

Marouen be rejeb


Project Manager, Webradar - Innova Tunisia, Tunisia

Marouen Ben Rejeb is currently a Project Manager at Innova Tunisia / Webradar, an organisation that develops new technologies and specialist Big Data solutions for the digital media sector, and which receives funding from the European Union and CFI, its financial partners. Marouen Ben Rejeb is currently focusing on technological innovation in the online media field. She studied at the Faculty of Sciences in Tunis, graduating with a Professional Master’s degree in Network
Systems and Telecommunications. She has also worked for the association TimeCitizen.org as a platform moderator.

Tamara Ben Halim


Communication & visualisation advisor/Cofounder,
Visualizing Impact/Makan, UK

Tamara Ben-Halim has worked in non-profit and civil society for over 6 years, focusing on creative solutions to problems of social injustice, community mobilisation, and outreach and communication. She co-founded and led the international effort, Cycling4Gaza, for many years. Her documentary film, “Ain El Hilweh”, was nominated for an award at the California Arab Film Festival in 2011. She holds an MA in Modern European Languages from the University of Edinburgh and a first class MSc in Human Rights from the London School of Economics. She
recently co-founded and co-directs Makan, an organisation dedicated to building understanding and communication of Palestinian rights.

Penhleak Chan


Regional Network and Partnership Support Manager,
Open Development Initiative, Cambodia

Penhleak Chan is an open data advocate who is passionate about catalyzing open data culture and civic technology to create social, environmental, and economic values. She worked with Open Development Cambodia for almost three years,from 2013 to the end of 2015. She is currently evangelizing a regional open data scale-up to provide information on development trends in the Mekong Region with Open Development Initiative. She is interested in data-driven storytelling and has been a pre-jury member of the Global Editors Network’s Data Journalism
Award since 2014. In her free time, she co-runs selection drives to recruit young Cambodians for the United World Colleges.

Clare Cook


Senior lecturer & researcher, Media Innovation Studio, UK

Clare Cook is an award-winning journalist with ten years’ experience and works at the Media Innovation Studio in UK. She has been researching social media and the business of journalism for several years, including studies and publications on the revenue models of restricted media, the potential for emerging and alternative business models, and the wider impact of technology on media business. She lectures in the UK and in Europe on social media and its impact on journalism. Her research includes Research Council UK funded projects exploring collaborative
revenue models and open media innovation. She is currently exploring new revenue opportunities from proximity broadcasting in Armenia.

Philippe Couve


Director, Samsa.fr, France

As the Director of Samsa.fr, Philippe Couve oversees the digital transition of media outlets (training, advice, innovation). He has launched a number of projects, including L’Atelier des médias (RFI), Mondoblog (RFI), Médiacadémie (a community of digital experts) and Innovate Africa (CFI, long-distance training for web journalists and developers). As journalist and digital editorial strategic consultant, Philippe Couve began his career at RFI, where he was an international correspondent and Chief Editor of the website, before working with the most
innovative online media outlets (Rue89, OWNI). He regularly takes part at conferences focusing on how the media and journalism roles are changing.



Ambassador, Open Knowledge Senegal, Senegal

Mamadou Diagne is a Senegalese designer, hacker and digital artist. Since 2003, he has accompanied Senegalese artists in integrating multimedia into their traditional artistic practices. He is a strong supporter of free software and an active member of the open source community of Senegal.

Abanoub Emad


Head of Multimedia department, Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt

Abanoub Emad works for Al-Masry Al-Youm media corporation as the head of Multimedia department. The organization’s mission is to transform Almasry Alyoum into an inclusive news organization, that presents multi-news platforms, which provides the most credible news source in Egypt. Al-Masry Al-Youm is a privately owned newspaper. His areas of expertise are video and mobile journalism. He is interested in digital media in general, and in video and mobile
journalism specifically. He studied Culture and Science in “6th of October City” and holds a degree in Mass Communication. He used to work at CBC Extra channel, as a reporter and freelance basis with AP (Associated Press) and AFP (Agence France Presse).

Cheikh Fall


Blogger & web project lead, Africtivistes, Senegal

Cheikh Fall is a Senegalese cyber-activist, citizen-journalist and blogger. As well as being a qualified web developer, he is also an Internet project leader and trainer. He set up Senegal’s first citizen web platform in 2010 (ruepublique.net), and then launched the Sunu2012 project to allow citizens to better monitor the democratic process in their country. He is also the president of africtivistes.org, a platform for African bloggers and activists, the first general meeting of which took place in Dakar in December 2015 and was centred on the following four issues:
citizen engagement on participatory democracy via the media, transparency, accountability, and e-participation. He has won many prizes for the role he has played in developing Africa through his blogs.

Cyrille Frank


CEO, Mediaculture, France

Cyrille Franck is a journalist, consultant and trainer for medias (Le Figaro, L’Express, L’Obs, RFI, CFI, Ouest-France, France Televisions etc. ). He is also an expert on editorial matters : create traffic / engagement, generate loyalty and user satisfaction. He uses social tools and networks to engage users, develop credibility and influence.

Charles Henri Groult


Cofounder & coordinator, Le Quatre Heures.com, France

Charles-Henry Groult works for Le Quatre Heures.com as co-funder and coordinator. Le Quatre Heures is an award-winning longform-only news website which posts long, immersive multimedia stories. The business partners and sources of funding are the readers and many media partners co-producing stories with them. His areas of expertise are interactive and multimedia production. He is interested in multimedia production, innovative journalism and new media management. He studied at Sciences Po Paris, CFJ Paris and holds a degree in multimedia journalism. He used to work at Radio France, France Télévisions, Premieres Lignes and iTELE/Canal Plus as a journalist and multimedia producer.

Jazem Halioui


CEO, Webradar - Innova Tunisia, Tunisia

Jazem Halioui is a tunisian IT entrepreneur and OpenData/OpenGov advocate currently running WebRadar.me, a startup that provides media monitoring and analytics services in the MENA region using BigData and machine learning techniques. Previously, he has co-founded and managed several IT companies in Tunisia and France, serving customers in a variety of sectors with a wide range of technological offerings. He won the World Summit Award for the best e-business application during the WSIS in 2005. He is also a member of various NGOs
focusing on social innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

Mohamed Hamouda


Founder & CEO, H2O, Libya

Mohamed Hamuda is an architect and social entrepreneur who is passionate about driving change at both local and the level. He is deeply engaged on a wide varietyof civil, political and  social programs which put youth at the forefront of Libya’s transition away from extremism and armed conflicts in Libya. He is the founder and the chairman of the H2O Organization, which focuses on communicating the ideas, views and aspirations of Libyan youth, translating them into clear suggestions and demands which are then presented to the authorities by using
all means of media. H2O focuses also on the response of Libyan youth towards policies and programs the Government presents.

Ani Hovhannisyan


Multimedia journalist, Hetq.am - Investigative Journalists, Armenia

Ani Hovhannisyan works at Investigative Journalists of Armenia NGO as a multimedia journalist. She mainly covers health care, corruption, state procurement, social issues and poverty. With six years of experience in investigative journalism at Hetq Investigative Journalists’ Online Newspaper, she has had chances to work with data: analyzing, revealing wrongdoings and creating visualized and interactive articles. Hetq Online Newspaper is the only media outlet in Armenia taking its first steps in data journalism and visualization. However, they do not have a developer or a graphic designer to create unique data content. As a multimedia journalist, she is the one who creates basic visualizations.

Aymen Jerbi


Digital security advisor, DSS216 - Alternatives, Tunisia

Aymen Jerbi is a telecommunications engineer, and is also an adviser and technical coordinator for Alternatives at the DSS 216 centre in Tunisia.

Jahbar Sadiq Abdul Kader


Editor & Chief Executive Officer, The Malaysian Insider, Malaysia

K A Jahabar Sadiq K A Abdul Kader works for The Malaysian Insider as the editor and chief executive officer since 2010. The organization’s mission is to inform Malaysians so that they make informed decisions. It publishes an unvarnished and impartial snapshot of the country on politics, business and lifestyle. The Malaysian Insider is now part of The Edge Media Group, which fund it with revenue from advertising and events. His areas of expertise are text and visual journalism and analysis. He is interested in the production and business in the field of online
media. He studied at St John’s Institution before joining the New Straits Times Press as a reporter. He has been a journalist since 1988.

Nicolas Kayser Bril


CEO, Journalism++, Germany

Nicolas Kayser-Bril iworks for Journalism++ as CEO. The organization’s mission is to help journalists and news organizations work with data. The business partners and sources of funding are news organizations, NGOs and institutions across Europe. His areas of expertise are data-driven journalism, investigation and online security. He is interested in new forms of journalism in the field of online media. He studied at IEP Lille and holds a degree in Economics. He used to work at OWNI as head of datajournalism.

Malek Khadhraoui


Publishing Director/President, Inkyfada.com/Al Khatt, Tunisia

Malek Khadhraoui is a journalist and founding member of the Tunisian media platform Inkyfada. He is the NGO’s president of Al Khatt. He is primarily interested in investigative journalism, data journalism and photography.

Julien Kostreche


Codirector, Ouest Médialab, France

Julien Kostrèche is currently a Co-Director at Ouest Médialab, an organisation that helps media outlets switch over to digital by facilitating and speeding up the process. Half of its funding comes from private sources, and the other half from public sources. Julien Kostrèche is an expert in the business models of media outlets, and new digital formats, and is particularly focused on the customisation of news and data-journalism. He studied at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris, graduating in 1996. He has also worked for the agency Capa, the television
show Ripostes (France 5), the regional television station Télénantes and the magazine and online newspaper Terra eco, performing various roles including journalist, Chief Editor and Programme Director.

Kuang Keng Kuek Ser


Founder, DataN, Malaysia

Kuang Keng Kuek Ser is the founder of DataN, a customized training package to lower the barrier for small newsrooms to integrate data journalism into daily reporting. Before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, he was a journalist with Malaysiakini, the most viewed news website in Malaysia. He is a Fulbright scholar, graduated of New York University’s Studio 20 and a journalism M.A. program focusing on new media and digital innovation. He is also a Tow-Knight
Fellow (2015) and a Google Journalism Fellow (2015). He produced data and interactive components for major newsrooms including NBC Local Media, Public Radio International and International Business Times.

Julien Le Bot


Journalist, Premières lignes - Arte, France

Julien Le Bot works for Arte and Premières lignes as editor in chief of a digital weekly show, “_Tous les internets”, disseminated online in french and german (arte.tv/touslesinternets ). He is also a #MediaDev expert for CFI, working on digital newsroom projects, new storytelling process and innovative programs. He is a freelance consultant for Syllabs, writing bots agency, and a trainer at Samsa.fr. Last but not least, he is a blogger for a monthly newsletter dedicated to innovation in the media landscape, @Mediacademie.

Salem Massalha


Cofounder, Bassita, Egypt

Salem Massalha is the cofounder of Bassita, a social enterprise that pioneered the click funding model. He has a strong experience in sustainable development, cause marketing and in designing communication campaigns. He graduated from McGill University in strategic management and holds a Master degree in Business Law from La Sorbonne University. He co-Founded Sawart, an association which mission is to promote Egyptian Contemporary Art Internationally and he periodically comments Middle Eastern trends on TV, radio or magazines.

Cedric Motte


Freelance journalist & trainer, France

Cédric Motte is currently a self-employed trainer and consultant, who helps journalists and media outlets to embrace the changes brought about by the Internet. His areas of expertise concern the methods and tools that the media can use in order to work more effectively with digital technology.

John Nery


Editor-in-Chief, Inquirer.net, Philippines

John Nery is the Editor in Chief of Inquirer.net, the online affiliate of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the country’s largest newspaper. Inquirer.net is one of the leading news websites in the Philippines, with nearly 10 million unique visitors every month; it is owned by the same family which owns the newspaper. His areas of expertise are political journalism, opinion writing, and climate change reporting. He is interested in the quality of discourse in online and social media. He was a Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard University in 2011-2012. He studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Manila University (1981-1985).

Martin Obuya


Ambassador – Government Affairs, iHub, Kenya

MMartin Obuya is Ambassador - Government Affairs of iHub, Projects Director / DEMO Africa, President & Chairman / Internet Society Kenya Chapter, Founder & Chairman / LiJoMe Group Inc., Member of Technical Committees / ITU, ATU, FIINA, SATA, Advisor for Euro Africa ICT, TechSoup Global, BusinessCom Networks &XPRIZE, Board Member - Tech Executive Council, Trio Consulting, Pro Sports & Konfidants.

Cheick Omar Ouedraogo


Local lead, Jokkolabs Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Cheick Omar Ouedraogo is the Manager of the Jokkolabs branch in Ouagadougou which is a co-working location dedicated to the entrepreneurs focusing on Innovation and IT. Specialist in IT systems, digital security and new media, he has a big interest in the use of open datas by the media. He studied at the INP-HB institute and has a diploma in IT systems and networks.

Edwy Plenel


Journalist, Chairman & Cofounder, Médiapart, France

Edwy Plenel is a French political journalist. He is Editor-in-chief of the daily newspapers Le Monde from 1996 until his resignation in November 2004. He is currently the Publishing Director of the website Mediapart, an Internet-based subscription journal, which he founded in 2008.

Hery Zo


Community manager, Newsmada, Madagascar

Hery Zo Rakotondramanana is currently the Community Manager at Newsmada, an organisation that edits and broadcasts news in Madagascar via its website newsmada.com. He also works at another company, where she produces 2D and 3D animated films and video games for mobile phones (both for entertainment and educational purposes). He is an expert in digital marketing, and is currently focusing on business models in the online media field. He worked at Nelli Studio
(nelli-studio.com), where he was Executive Director.

Maria Ressa


CEO, Rappler, Philippines

Maria Ressa has been a journalist in Asia for more than 25 years, most of them as CNN’s bureau chief in Manila then Jakarta. She became CNN’s lead investigative reporter focusing on terrorism in Southeast Asia and wrote Seeds of Terror: An Eyewitness Account of Al-Qaeda’s Newest Center of Operations in Southeast Asia (Free Press, 2003). The book was the first from the region documenting the growth of Jemaah Islamiyah and its links to Al-Qaeda. In 1987, she was one of the founders of independent production company, Probe. In 2005, she took the helm
of ABS-CBN News and Current affairs, for 6 years managing more than 1,000 journalists for the largest multi-platform news operation in the Philippines.

Leonore de Roquefeuil


Cofounder & Managing Director, Voxe.org, France

Léonore de Roquefeuil works for Voxe.org as Executive Director and co-founder. The organization’s mission is to use technology to ease civic participation. Thanks to a better information spread via several digital tools, Voxe.org facilitates civic onboarding processes: before elections, but also on a day-to-day basis. Her areas of expertise are e-democracy and community building. She studied at SciencesPo Bordeaux and hold a degree in International Relations. She worked at the UN as an international consultant on youth civic engagement.

Nejma Rondeleux


Journalist, Radio M, Algeria

Nejma Rondeleux works for the webradio Radio M as a journalist. Her areas of expertise are multimedia articles and webradio podcasts. She studied at the School of Journalism in Bordeaux (France) and hold a degree in journalism. She worked at La Croix French daily newspaper as a journalist.

Rana Sabbagh


Managing Director, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), Jordan

Rana Sabbagh is the founder and executive director of Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ). ARIJ promotes the culture of investigative journalism among journalists, editors, media students and university professors in nine Arab states. It trains journalists, funds their investigations, appoints coaches to mentor them and lawyers to review the script/video before publication/broadcasting. ARIJ is funded by SIDA, OSF, Norway and IMS/DANIDA.

Deena Samir


Digital Marketing Manager, Al-Masry Al-Youm, Egypt

Deena Samir is currently working for Al-Masry Al-Youm media corporation as Digital Marketing Manager. The organization’s mission is to support all readers with the most trust worthy news and to be the most credible source of news in Egypt. Her areas of expertise are below line marketing and above line marketing also content marketing and social media marketing. She is interested in social media. She studied at Mass Communication Cairo University and holds a degree in Mass Communication Adverting and PR.

Liana Sayadyan


Deputy Editor - Vice President, Hetq.am - Investigative Journalists, Armenia

Liana Sayadyan works for Investigative Journalists NGO as vice-president and Hetq.am online media as Deputy Editor. The organization’s mission is the development of investigative journalism. The business partners and sources of funding are grants from international organizations, private donations and online advertisement. Her areas of expertise are investigative journalism, online media, writing style (narrative) and editing, development of media in Armenia. She is interested in the field of online media. She studied at Journalism Department of Yerevan State University (YSU) and holds a degree in Philology. She used to work at Journalism Department of YSU as Associate Professor.

Patrice Schneider


Chief Strategy Officer, Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), Switzerland

Patrice Schneider started his career as a war correspondent reporting from conflicts in Central Asia at the end of the 1980s. Before joining MDIF in 2002, within the AOL Time Warner Group, he served as Managing Director of Netscape Europe. In 1998, he was a Senior Adviser for the World Economic Forum (The Davos Summit). From 1994 to 1998, he was Deputy Managing Director at Lagardère Médias in France. He is a Board Member of the European Venture
Philanthropy Association.



Spokesperson, Le Balai Citoyen, Burkina Faso

Serge Bambara, also known as «Smockey», is undoubtedly one of Burkina Faso’s most famous hip-hop activists. In 2013, he founded the Le Balai Citoyen (Citizens’ Broom) political movement with the reggae artist Sams K Le Jah, with the aim of encouraging citizens to “sweep away corruption from Burkina Faso”. In 2015, to mark the official release of his triple album “Pré’volution”, the artist launched the campaign “Après ta révolte, ton vote” (After You Rebel, You Vote), using every public forum (interviews, concerts, conferences, showcases, and the like) to
encourage his fellow Burkinians to find out more about the issues surrounding the upcoming elections and fulfil their duties as citizens. Smockey was named, along with Sams K Le Jah, in the top 10 of Africa’s most influential personalities for the year 2014, in a list published by the magazine Jeune Afrique.

Micheline Tobia


Cofounder & Editor, Mashallah News, Lebanon

Micheline Tobia is the cofounder and editor of Mashallah News, a collaborative online platform about the Arab world. The website deals with culture, urban and social issues, human rights and the life of interesting people found in the cities covered, with articles written in English, French, Arabic and Turkish. She grew up in Jeddah, is currently based in Beirut, and is always interested in discovering new things.

Israel Yoroba


Newsroom Manager, L’Essentiel, Ivory Coast

Israël Yoroba Guebo is a journalist and a specialist in Digital communication. He teaches webjournalism whereas he is the newsroom manager of L’Essentiel, the leading pure player news website in Ivory Coast. Graduated from the French journalism Institute ESJ-Lille, he worked as a free-lance journalist in Abidjan from 2008 to 2013.

Shamsudeen Yusuf


Senior Programme Officer, BuhariMeter - The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), Nigeria

Shamsudeen Yusuf is Senior Programmes Officer at the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), Abuja, Nigeria, where he provides technical support to elections and democratic accountability projects across West Africa. He is a lead officer of BuhariMeter (buharimeter.ng) project. He is an alumnus of West Africa Peacebuilding Institute (WAPI), Ghana, and Leading in Public Life Programme of the Graduate School of Development Policy and Practice, University of Cape Town, South Africa. In 2012, he earned a master degree in Political Science from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He has professional certifications in peacebuilding programme design, implementation and monitoring.

Thaw Zin Tun


Training Director, Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI), Myanmar

Thaw Zin Tun works for Myanmar Journalism Institute as Training Director. The organization’s mission to be the leading national media training institution for the development and delivery of high quality training and education that address needs defined by the media stakeholders. His areas of expertise are journalism and politics. He studied at Yangon Technology University, hold a degree in Civil Engineering and worked at Mizzima as Managing Editor.

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